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Note: These instructions are intended for professional installers an they are familiar with usual safety procedures and with the removal of panels etc

1) Install the Harness. Plug the control relay onto the front harness the steering column. Run a five-core cable into the driver's door and cable to the passenger door. The double connector containing a red wire connects to the twin wire that runs to the sliding door and real

2) Front Doors. The driver's door should be fitted with a five wire motor and the passengers door with a 2 wire motor assembly. Photo 1 shows the left hand front door. Fit the assembly in place using the lower, factory fitted screw. Loosely fit the connecting rod and the clamp and then drill a 3mm hole at position "A" and secure the assembly at the top. Connect the wiring matching colour to colour

3) Clamp Alignment. Connect the black wire from the control relay connect the red striped wire to a 25amp permanent power supply. Now check that when the piston on the driver's motor is pressed halfway down both motors fully retract and that when it is pulled halfway up they both extend. Clamp the connecting rod to the door lock rod so that operating the drivers lock triggers the passenger lock 4) Sliding Door Contacts. Photo's 2 and 3 show the sliding door cc left hand side door factory blanking plates. The flat contact fits to tl sprung plate fits to the sliding door. Remove the plastic blanks frorr using the self?adhesive templates as a guide drill out the blanks an Make sure they are central! Connect the wiring and fit them back onto the vehicle.


5) Sliding Door Motors. Photo 4 shows the location of the hole in the lock lever to which the motor must be attached. Snap in the plastic clip and fit the operating fod into the clip as shown in Photo 5. Hook the motor onto the other end of the rod. Position the motor so that moving it's piston operates the lock. Drill two 3mm holes and secure the assembly to the door with self tapping screws.

6) Twin Rear Door. The operating lever to which the motor attaches is on the back of the door handle and it is easiest to attach the rod from the outside of the vehicle by removing the handle. Photo 6 shows the rivet and three screws that hold the latch to the door and three access holes that give access to the screws for the handle. Remove all of these . Photo 7 is taken from the outside of the vehicle with the back of the handle exposed. The arrow points to the hole. Attach the rod and refit the handle and latch. Hook the motor onto the rod and mount it as shown in Photo 8. Connect the twin cable to the motor and join this to the loom for the sling doors.

7) Testing. Check all connections are sound and all the wires are secured. Close all the doors and check that all the doors lock and unlock with the drivers door. If any operate the wrong way you will need to reverse the connections on that particular motor.

8) Remote Locking. If fitting with a remote control device make sure the unit it set to negative pulse output and connect the locking wire to the violet wire on the CDL relay and the unlocking output to the brown wire.

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