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Ford Ka Central Locking Installation Guide


1 ) Remove the door trim panels and inner skin and speaker. These are held on by a combination of screws and clips. Two screws are behind a removable panel on the grab handle. This pulls straight off. On our test car this was impossible to do without breaking at least one of the securing clips! This panel will push back into place even if all the clips break.

2 ) Remove the kick panels etc. to allow cables to be run to the doors.

3) In each door locate the operating cable that connects the inner door handle to the door latch. With the door open trigger each latch so that it is in the closed position. Note that to lock the door the inner handle is pressed in, to unlock it is pulled slightly towards you, and to open the door fully it is pulled firmly towards you.

The operating cable will be referred to as 'THE CABLE' in these instructions.


The example described is for the UK drivers door. The installation in the other front floor is the mirror image of the door shown. The same templates can be used but they must be, reversed.

The 5 wire motor assembly fits in the drivers door and the two wire in the passenger door.

4) Cut out the templates and carefully align them on the vehicle as shown in Photograph 1. Drill 3mm holes at positions A. B & C, and a 5MM hole at position D

Attach the metal mounting plate to the door with two short, screws. (Photograph 2.) 6) Clip "the cable" in position as shown in Photograph 2. The outer covering of the cable must be removed between the clips. Mark the area to be removed ( about 40mm ) and carefully cut with a sharp knife (stanley knife).

7) Fit the motor and mounting plate as shown in Photograph 3. The motor mounting plate fits inside the door and is attached with No 8 self tapping screws through the holes drilled at positions "C" and "D". A spacer (provided in the kit) must be fitted to the screw between the door skin and the actuator mounting plate at position D.

8) Fit the Connecting Rod and clamp as shown in Photograph 2 and 3. A small "U" shaped channel fits inside the mounting clamp and onto the cable. Lock the door. The latch must be triggered as explained in section 3. Loosen both the alien screws in the rod clamp. Hook the connecting rod onto the actuator, then push the clamp onto the inner cable (see Photograph 2) . Slide the clamp to the right until it touches the clip and tighten the top alien screw. Do not yet tighten the bottom allen screw.

9) Repeat the installation in the opposite front door.


10) Mount the control relay and run the harness. This is best installed behind the fuse box. Plug on the 5 core harness, it will only fit one way. Plug the connector with three black wires onto the remaining pin. Run the shortest 5 core cable to the nearest front door and the longest to the furthest front door.

11) Fit the electrical terminals. On the drivers door fit all five cables with connectors but for the time being plug on only the black, brown and purple wires to the motor. On the passenger door only the red and blue wires are used and these should be connected to the matching colours on the motor.

12) Connect Power and Earth wires. The remaining red wire near the control box is to be connected to a permanent power supply. On our test car position 1 of the fuse box (bottom left hand corner) is a 12 volt permanent power supply. Remove the fuse and then refit it with the power take off plugged on. The remaining black wire must be earthed. A suitable bolt was found behind the drivers side kick panel near the floor.

13) Alignment of the clamp on the passenger door. Ensure that the latch is triggered (see section 3) or that the door is closed. Lock the door Now push the motor piston fully "in" (retracted) and whilst holding this position tighten the lower allen screw on the clamp.

Check that the door can be opened and locked using the inner handle.

14) Drivers door clamp alignment. (5 wire actuator) Ensure that the latch is triggered (see section 3) or that the door is closed. Do not connect the red and blue wires to this motor yet. Note that when the motor piston is pushed fully In" the other doors should lock and that when the piston is pulled fully "out" they unlock. Lock the door. Push the motor piston fully "in" and then pull it "out" very slightly until it is just before the point where it unlocks the other doors. Whilst holding this position tighten the lower allen screw on the clamp.

Test that operating the door lock from outside with the key and inside with the handle causes the other doors to lock/unlock. Setting up the correct clamp position may require a little trial and error but it is important to get this part correct.

Check that the door can be opened using the inner handle.

Now connect the red and blue wires to the drivers door actuator.


15) Ensure all wires are carefully insulated and secured by cable ties. Particularly check that they will not catch on the cars pedals or the window mechanism when they are used. (5 wire motor)

Ensure that the latch is triggered (see section 3) or that the door is closed.

16) On some vehicles the trim panel may foul on the central locking clamp when it is refitted. To ensure that this does not happen:

a) Test the system is working correctly

b) Check that the allen screws are tight.

c) File the allen screws down until they are flush with the clamp.

d) Remove the foam trim on the back of the trim panel at this point.

Refit all panels and test again.

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