Toad Texter

Text your mobile when someone breaks into your vehicle or tampers with your motorcycle. Easy to fit 5 wire sealed unit. Complete with permanently built in Orange PAYG sim card. Single output for an additional device such as a siren or central locking (unlock/lock your car via text -additional components may be required ).

Self contained security device sends a text message to a designated mobile telephone, alerting you that your vehicle has been disturbed.

Two-way communication enabling you to control TEXT ALERT from your mobile phone.

Low Vehicle Battery warning feature via text message notification.

Integral Movement Sensor.

Designed to either work with any aftermarket alarm system or on it\'s own.

Can text you almost anywhere in the world.

Can be re-programmed when required to report to any GSM phone.

Option to track vehicle location for only £29.99 per year. (Includes 20 location requests). Once registered you can locate your bike or car, via the Internet using the on screen mapping facility.

Pan European system will work any where in Europe.

Comes complete with an built in Orange Pay As You Go SIM.

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View Fitting/User instructions (PDF format)

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