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This Product Is No Longer Available

Autowatch Autocate GSM Two Way Pager System

Complete with a Free VODAFONE SIM CARD while stocks last

Monitor, Control & Track your vehicle with a GSM Paging system.

Autocate 800 can be installed into any vehicle, boat, outhouse etc. that has a 12 or 24 volt power supply, can be run from a car battery for up to 6 months or more depending on battery specifications. It can be use with an existing alarm system or as a remote alarm and immobiliser system.

Using a SIM card (any network including Pay as You Go tariff's) which is inserted into Autocate which is constantly linked to any GSM network via a discreet antenna you can have an alarm system with no annual fees or maintenance charges, you only pay for the texts that are used, which currently are 3p on the Virgin network ( Virgin to Virgin ) or can be free with some tariff's but not usually more than 10p with other PAYG tariff's.

<cate01>on the screen can be customised to your vehicle I.E. <JOHNS-CAR>

Once activated, Autocate will monitor up to four zones in your vehicle. If an intrusion is detected a text alert will be sent via SMS to a nominated mobile phone of your choice stating which zone was triggered. Autocate will call up to six mobiles should you desire. It can also be made to make voice calls instead of SMS(no sound will be heard in voic call mode -to be implemented at a later date).

Reply from Autocate informing you of a remotely activated function

You can send a text to Autocate to immobilise the vehicle or switch on the siren or any other feature that can be linked via a ground trigger.

Panic function enables you or a passenger to voice call any number (no sound will be heard by either party) via a hidden switch inside the vehicle, this function is always available.

Do you need to know important information of your vehicle/boat/outbuilding etc. at all times, such as battery status, internal/external temperature, refrigeration temperature or almost any information that a sensor that can give. Autocate has two analog inputs which are on permanently and which have a 0 to 5 volt threshold, so using external interface you can set a threshold value for Autocate to text you. Say you have a refrigeration unit that needs to be constantly set on 3 degrees, so using a sensor in the refrigeration unit when the temperature gets to for instance 6 degrees Autocate will text you that the temperature threshold has been exceeded, this can also be set if the temperature goes too low.

Locked your keys inside the car - no problem just send a text message to Autocate to Unlock your doors.

Forgot to lock your doors than send a text to Lock, or better still send a text to Lock, Arm and Immobilise.

Every time you send a text command to Autocate and Autocate recognises the command, you will receive a reply confirming the action taken.

Want to know the status of your vehicle, easy just send an SMS with the relevant request and receive a text from Autocate informing you of what is on or off.

Worried about someone else gaining access to Autocate, no problem, Autocate requires a six digit user programmable pincode before any instruction can be carried out, or for full protection it can be made to work with certain mobile phone numbers (up to six) plus the pin code for each mobile.


Sample of GSM tracking

Locate your vehicle via GSM tracking, sign on to one of the many GSM tracking web sites (such as followus.co.uk) and track roughly where your vehicle is (there is a subscription charge for this service).


  • Dual Band (900Mhz & 1800Mhz)
  • Suitable for any 12 to 24 Volt vehicles and buildings boats etc.
  • Monitors up to four different zones (plus panic)
  • Will call up to six numbers when the panic button is pressed.
  • Pages you if a zone is violated (SMS or Voice call)
  • Will page up to six numbers (user programmable)
  • Allows you to check status of security via SMS
  • Gives users remote control of electrical circuits
  • Remotely activate an immobiliser or smoke machine etc. even when the vehicle is being driven
  • Remotely lock or unlock doors via SMS (locked keys in car or forgot to lock car)
  • Programmable via a PC (Special kit required at extra cost -contact dealer) or via SMS
  • Supplied with discreet interior antenna (easily hidden from view)
  • Two always on analog inputs for use with other monitoring systems such as temperature, voltage etc. (via an interface)
  • Locate vehicle on UK mainland via other web services (optional & extra cost - not available on all networks)
  • No monthly or yearly charges
  • Uses Pay As You Go charges.
  • Status LED, informs you when Autocate is sending or receiving information



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