1974 Suzuki GT750M

Water Bubble

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GT 750 M 1975
Overall Length: 2 215 mm (87.2 in)
Overall Width: 865 mm (34.0 in)
Overall Height: 1 125mm (44.3 in)
Wheelbase: 1 460 mm (57.5 in)
Ground Clearance: 140 mm (5.5 in)
Dry Weight: 214 kg (470 lbs)
Engine type: Water-cooled 738 cc inline-3, 2-stroke. 70 hp/ 6.500 rpm, 8.5 kg-m/ 5.500 rpm.


Suzuki released its first true big bike, the GT 750 in 1971. This bike was powered by a water cooled 3 cylinder 2-stroke 750 motor. The water cooling was such a novelty that the bike acquired a series of aquatic nicknames. In Australia it was called the water bottle, in American the water buffalo , whilst for the British it was the kettle, the Suzuki gang I was in called it the Water Bubble as the sounds emanating from the exhausts often sounded as if coming from a huge medieval iron cauldron on full boil. The Suzuki has an extremely reliable motor due to the benefits of water cooling (for closer tolerances) and its highly efficient way of supplying two stroke oil directly to the main bearings and bores, this motor if looked after could easily reach 100,000 miles if not more. This bears testimony even today as there are quite a few of these beauties still around. In the 70's the only choice one had for a reliable bike (ignoring Italian exotica and the poorly put together Norton twins & Triumph/BSA triples) bike were from the three of the big four, Yamaha had yet to make a bike bigger then their XS650 twin. The choices were the Kawaski H2 which was an out and out dragster with little regard for the earths natural resources (20mpg or less) and similar thirst of sparkplugs and the much accomplished Honda CB750 which to be honest was a wonderful all rounder, though I found the bike to be boring to ride and poor in the handling department, but a change of rear shocks and exhaust system made the bike more interesting. But in my opinion the Suzuki was a great all rounder sure the handling was poor and ground clearance similar to a pot bellied pig but it was wonderfully comfortable, sounded great went well and in the 70's was the cheapest of all the 750's, and when your take home pay was 50 squids a week it needed to be. And remember Barry Sheene used to take on all comers and win with this very same (but highly modified) engine.


This bike originally had the 'M' model tank & side panels fitted in a non standard bronze colour which I have now swapped over for a later 'A' model Maui Blue Metallic set now seen in the photos, the colour will need to be changed on the log book which can be easily done when it is updated with the new owners details. It starts & runs as it should, even when it was laid off for over 6 months last winter it started on the third press of the button. I've owned it since 2005 & am only selling because I have another GT750 so one has to go. It's in very good condition, not a minter but with a little bit of work it could be. Problems; there is a small split in the seat which will need to be addressed with a new cover which are cheaply available, the speedo is erratic at times but I think this should be sorted with a new speedo cable. Everything else works as it should. There are a few minor marks here and there on the exhaust system as you would expect on a bike of this age but nothing major, overall the chrome is in superb condition. The bike is available to view in Streatham South London (SW16). For more info call 07930 332 362





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