1968 Yamaha YDS5E




Here a some photos of my completely restored 1968 Yamaha

Early Japanese bikes were very pleasing to the eye with bright metallic paintwork


These models were made between 1968 and 1969 and so are very very rare.

In its day the Yam was extremely advanced and came with unheard of luxuries such as electric starter, direction indicators and autolube. The performance was comparable with a Triumph Bonneville with a top end of around 90 MPH, remember that this bike is only has a capacity of 250 cc.

Note the friction steering damper and the FS1E rear light


This model is extremely rare as learners were allowed to be unleashed on a bike that was comparable in performance to the best of British bikes of the time, and so many were crashed

Notice the original Yamaha tyre pump just under the fuel tank


These bikes were quite expensive when new, I believe that the cost was around £280 which was not far off the price of a Bonneville.


Beautiful combined instrument dials, notice the original ignition key. Notice the rare period indicators.



Engine has been completely rebuilt and sounds fantastic






Twin leading drum brake works well






The bike is beautiful restored to original condition, but there are a few slight problems that I hope to rectify soon. The front mudguard has a few undulations in its surface which basically needs bronzing and rechroming, if anyone knows of a mint fender available for sale please let me know. There is also a slight mark on the gearlever side top of the engine case but this can be rectified easily via a respray to the case, again this is not too much of a problem. There is also a slight dink in the same side as above with the fuel tank chrome knee guards. With these items rectified this will surely win one or two concourse competitions.

There are very few of these models left in the world, this must be one of the best available, let me know of any others.


This bike was featured in February 2003 edition of Classic Bike magazine

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