Excalibur K9 Classic

K9 includes the exclusive feature, Automatic Transmitter Verification (ATV). ATV is a worldwide patented breakthrough in automotive security. From the moment of installation, ATV provides a visual indication of how many transmitters are programmed to operate your keyless entry or security system. The first rule of security: know how many transmitters operate your system!

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Model K9-Classic Standard Features:

  •  Two New 4-button 433MHz code-jumping transmitters 
  •  Psyren(TM) multi-tone electronic siren with programmable confirmation chirps 
  •  Status LED, valet switch, NEW programming data port in easy-to-mount holder 
  •  Flashing parking lights 
  •  NEW "Smart Trigger" automatic door trigger detection circuit 
  •  Plug-in port for optional auxiliary sensor 
  •  Negative door trigger input 
  •  Positive door trigger input 
  •  Negative hood/trunk trigger input 
  •  Starter interrupt output for optional relay and socket 
  •  Negative trunk release output 
  •  Negative 3rd channel output 
  •  Backup battery port for the supplied 9-volt battery
  •  Enhanced remote panic feature 
  •  Patented ATV transmitter-tampering protection 
  •  Patented Unauthorized Transmitter Alert 
  •  NEW "Safety Disarm" operation 
  •  NEW easier-to-use silent arming / disarming operation 
  •  Dome light supervision relay built-in 
  •  Dual negative unlock outputs for optional driver's door priority unlocking 

K9-Classic Programmable Features;

  •  Ignition-activated anti-carjacking
  •  Door activated anti-carjacking
  •  Last door arming
  •  Doors lock with last door arming
  •  Current sensing
  •  Doors lock upon ignition on
  •  Open door bypass of ignition lock / unlock operations
  •  Parking and dome lights illuminate 5 or 30 seconds upon disarming
  •  Automatic rearming
  •  Trunk release also disarms system
  •  .8 or 3 second doorlock output
  •  Single or double pulse unlock output
  •  3 or 45 second arming delay
  •  Confirmation chirps on or off
  •  30 or 60 second triggered alarm duration
  •  Steady output for siren or pulsed output for horn
  •  Loud or quiet confirmation chirps for horn setting
  •  Total closure door lock output
  •  Transmitter-activated anti-carjacking
  •  One button or two button arming / disarming