Autowatch 172Ri


While uncompromising in the protection afforded to your vehicle, this unit incorporates most of the convenience features found in the top of the range 160 RLi - most significantly these being the remote control of central locking and electric windows.

A definite consideration to the owner buying security on a budget - the unit can be upgraded at a later stage to incorporate a siren thereby expanding the immobiliser to a full-feature security system

Key features

  • Simple to operate
  • Two Circuit immobilisation
  • Two encrypted remote controls supplied
  • Over a million billion possible code combinations
  • Central locking control
  • Sunroof and window closing function - optional
  • Courtesy light control option
  • Built in hazard flashers
  • Automatic lock/unlock with ignition – optional
  • PIN code override facility
  • Optional touchkey override facility
  • Dual button transmitter available for 2nd channel control (e.g. remote trunk release)
  • Status light acts as a deterrent to thieves.