Meta M357 Replacement

The Meta M357TV2 alarms are no longer available, we have developed a plug & play kit based on the Defcomt system. This unit comes with a custom made plug & play adapter loom. Simply remove the cable covers from the old alarm & swap over the plug into the replacement adapter socket, job done. Complete with easy to follow instructions, fitting kit & new certificate.

DefcomT Features:

  • Anti scan, anti grab rolling code operation
  • Resin bonded construction
  • Integral Microchip movement sensor
  • Water and vibration resistant
  • Failsafe one circuit immobilisation
  • Sleep mode (zero battery drain)
  • Audible and visual arming signals
  • Passive arming - auto re-arm
  • Secure override facility
  • Low battery warning
  • Ignition key conversion
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Accessory protection feature
  • Hotwire sensing
  • Covert black wiring
  • Battery backup siren

Replacement for the M357 

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