Technical Information


Here is a brief description of the technical terms used in the alarm industry. ALARM A security device which gives a warning of an attack on a vehicle.

  • ANTIGRAB See random encryption coding.
  • ANTI-HIJACK Prevents a thief forcing a driver to hand over his keys and driving off with the car.
  • ANTISCAN The alarm will ignore a device such as a scanner which bombards it with multiple codes with the hope of finding the correct combination.
  • BATTERY BACK-UP Allows the siren to function even if the car battery wires have been cut.
  • CDL Central locking
  • COMPACT ALARM An alarm that has all the electronics built into the siren.
  • IMMOBILISER Device that electronically prevents a vehicle from being driven.
  • LED Small (usually red ) flashing light indicating alarm is switched on.
  • MICROWAVE DETECTOR Device that detects movement inside the car, usually fitted to convertibles.
  • MODULAR ALARM An alarm that has the electronics and siren built into separate boxes.
  • PAGER Similar to a normal pager but signals that the car is being broken into with a range usually over a kilometre.
  • PANIC FUNCTION Allows the siren to sound for personal protection.
  • PASSIVE ARMING Automatically arms itself should the owner forget to turn on the alarm.
  • PIN CODE A method of overriding the alarm should the remote control fail to function or is lost.
  • RANDOM ENCRYPTION CODING The remote control changes its code every time its used so preventing anyone from copying the code to effect illegal entry into the vehicle.
  • SELF CODING A method of easily programming in new remote controls
  • SERVICE SWITCH A key to completely switch off an alarm.
  • THATCHAM An independent department of the insurance industry that tests and approves alarms and immobilisers to give car owners security and a discount on insurance premiums.
  • TOTAL CLOSURE A device fitted by some car manufacturers so that you can lock all the doors and close all the windows from the drivers door lock. Fitted to some VW, BMW and Mercedes vehicles.
  • TRANSPONDER A device to disarm an immobiliser automatically without the user having to insert a touch key.
  • ULTRASONIC DETECTORS A device that detects movement inside a vehicle, usually saloons.