Meta T75 Siren

Meta T75 Tracker Siren

The T75 siren will replace the M05 or SC1T2 siren fitted to many Meta alarms, simple plug & play installation

The T75 has all the benefits of the Meta Track Shield, such as live tracking, instant alerts, historic journey information and geo-fencing. Plus, there is less chance of it being recognised as a tracking device and there are additional great benefits:

Siren activation upon jamming detection
Alarm system triggered notification to user
Siren trigger from app or web
Bonnet switch connection to T75 when used with a Meta Trak alarm

Plug & Play option when used in conjunction with a Meta alarm system to replace the existing siren,
or it use as stand-alone. Available wwith one or three year subscriptions

The T75 siren is available with Meta Trak Lite and Meta Trak Shield services.

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