Selca FM7 Bypass Plug


Manufacturer: Selca

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Product Information

Bypass plug for the Selca FM7 alarm/immobiliser system. Completely remove the Selca FM7 allowing the vehicle to start and run as it left the factory. Simply open the control box & unplug the connector from the circuit board & insert into this bypass plug, the vehicle should now start & run as it left the factory, if it does not strat the fault will be with the car. 

Locate the control unit fitted somewhere under the dash, drill out the holding screws. unplug the cable from the circuit board & insert into the bypass plug to allow the vehicle to start & run. Supplied with easy to follow instructions. Can be used to determine whether the fault is with the car or with the alarm, as such this is a non returnable item. Garanteed to bypass any Selca FM7 (FM7.11U) alarm system no matter whatr car it is fitted to.

Product Code: FM7 Bypass





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