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TVR M99T Replacement +Remote Boot Release


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Product Information

Plug & play replacement alarm kit for the TVR range of vehicles complete with a remote boot release option, for vehicles fitted with the electric boot release button. Open the boot without having to get into the car switch on the ignition to open the boot, this all can be done with a single press of the remote fob, simple one wire connection to the boot release button fitted to the vehicle. Simple plug & play swap over of the M99T alarm with the replacement HPA unit & plug & play swap over of the siren. This kit consists of the HPAT alarm ECU & M36T2 immobiliser both fitted with suitable connections for an easy plug & play swap over, the replacement kit for the M99T2 system can be found here

Unfortunately the connector plugs fitted to the earlier M36 immobilisers are no longer being manufactured (12 pins mounted in two rows of 6) as such we are unable to supply a plug & play version, we will supply instructions for wiring the replacement immobiliser to the old plug or send us the old 12 way plug & we will rewire it to the M36 free of charge (please leave at least 10cm of wires connected to the plug). This kit uses the original sensors, LED & immobiliser socket (spare socket supplied)

All replacement TVR adapted M36T2 immobilisers will now be sent out with the immobiliser circuits switched to match the TVR wiring, this will now match the higher rated relay to the starter circuit of the TVR, this should cut down on the hot start issue, more info

Please choose the type of plug fitted to the M36 immobiliser fitted to your vehicle. Please note Plug 'A' is no longer being manufactured, as such the original plug will have to be re-used. You can either send your old M36 with the plug (or the plug on its own with at least 20cm of cable attached) for us to swap over (free of charge) or we can send instructions of how to swap over with the replacement M36T2 immobiliser (some soldering skills will be necessary). If plugs B, C or D are chosen the immobiliser will come ready fitted with the appropriate plug/pin combination. If you require plug A and it is not available in the dropdown list please contact the office on 0208 677 1999

Please choose the plug which is fitted to your M36 immobiliser

 Also choose the type of loom used by your vehicle, some M99's may be connected to only one large white 12 way connector, if only one large connector is used choose option 'Loom 2'. For alarms that use both the 12 way & 6 way connectors choose option 'Loom 1'


Choose type of loom

  This kit is for the M99t, for the M99T2 click here


Add Key blade into M252 fob for TVR vehicles, choose in the options box below (M252 Fob supplied if key element has been chosen)

Add Keyblade for theTVR

If two key blades are chosen the above kit will be supplied with two M252 keyfobs (instead of 1 M252 & 1 HPA fob), each M252 will be fitted with a YM27 or HU43 key blank (choose above) ready for any good autolocksmiths to cut

 Specifications HPAT:

  • Two button, anti-scan, anti-grab water resistant and shockproof remotes
  • Boot, bonnet and door protection
  • Flashing indicators
  • Diagnostic flashing LED
  • Remote central door locking
  • Remote Boot Release (single wire connection)
  • Remote window closure (On certain TVR models)
  • Ultrasonic (or microwave) sensors (U/S sensors supplied) 
  • Vibration and water resistant system
  • Battery backup
  • Ignition hotwire protection
  • Anti-hijack facility (optional feature - contact the office for more info)
  • Auto Rearm
  • Thatcham approved
  • Remote Boot Release output (instead of panic function - certain TVR models) 

 Specifications M36T2:

  • Twin circuit immobiliser (cct1 rated at 10A, cct2 25A) 
  • Passive arming
  • Touch key operation
  • Rolling code operation
  • Failsafe immobilisation
  • Vibration and water resistant
  • Diagnostic flashing LED
  • Resin bonded construction
  • Covert black coded wiring
  • Low current consumption
  • Immobiliser circuits swapped to match the TVR wiring 

Thatcham approval number TQA399, supplied with a blank Thatcham Approval Certificate

If plug 'A' is chosen a £100 deposit will be added to the price which will be refunded when the original 6 by 2 way connector plug is returned with all the contacts in place, the plug must be in a good re-usable condition. Simply cut the wires leaving at least 20cm of cables connected to the plug, discard the old M36 immobiliser. If sending the 2X6 way plug (plug 'A') for re-use with this kit the £100 deposit will not be charged if paying with a credit/debit card or will be refunded if paying via Paypal

Product Code: M99T To HPA TVR


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