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Meta HPA Fob


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Product Information

HPA two button fob for use with all Meta system alarms that use two buttons (Will also function with one button systems, either both buttons wil have the same function or only one button will operate the alarm)

To program a new remote into any of the Meta alarms a 16 digit code is required. This is supplied on the plastic code card supplied with the unit. Without this code it will not be possible to program a new remote into the system. All Meta alarm systems are supplied with a red code card with the remote security number printed on it. Without this code number it will not be possible to program a new remote into your Meta alarm.

Meta Code Card with alarm code, without this code it will not be possible to program in new remotes. For car alarms a fully functioning remote is required to program a new remote into the alarm brain, for later motorcycle alarms a 5 digit code (company code) is required plus the alarm's LED must be fully functioning as the code needs to be entered using the ignition switch by counting the numbers of the code (full instructions supplied).

The code is made up of numbers & letters which can only be: A,B,C,D,E & F, any other letters are not allowed and the code will be incorrect. e.g. 45F35BA4490A14E7 is a correct code. The 1 to 7 numbers refer to the available positions allowed for the remotes to be programmed, which means the alarm can be programmed with up to 7 remotes. Be care full when reading the code, Meta can use a very poor font which makes it difficult to distinguish between the letter B and the number 8 and the letter D and the number 0. If in doubt try scanning the card at a high resolution and enlarging the image using your regular paint program.

Click here for programming instructions




 For car & early bike alarms a working fob is required to program a new remote into the alarm brain, later bike alarms (357 range) a five digit override code number is required - without either it will not be possible to code in a new remote fob.

When coding this fob to any of the Defcom range, Legos 3 & the M357TV2:1 a working fob is required or the alarm must automatically immobilise or arm itself, if the fob is missing or the alarm does not automatically arm it will not be possible to program in new fobs. To code to the DefcomT & Legos3 a working fob is required unless the alarm has been programmed with auto immobilisation/arming, if in doubt call the office on 0208 677 1999


 Complete with instructions of how to program into your vehicle's alarm (a working fob is required - more info)


 Question Answer
 I do not have the 16 digit code number if I send you my old fob can you make a copy? Sorry this cannot be done, we can only re-code the complete alarm ECU, see here
The switch on my fob has broken off the circuit board, can you repair it?  Sorry we do not have the parts or the skills to micro solder on a replacement switch 
 The rubber button on my fob has perished do you supply replacement buttons. Rubber buttons are not available seperately however I do supply complete cases, see here for more info 


Product Code: ABS0310


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