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TVR Meta M36T2


Manufacturer: Meta

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Product Information

Meta M36T2 TVR adapted immobiliser, complete with pre-wired TVR plug. Replaces faulty immobilisers or systems with lost touchkeys, simple plug & play fitting. Unplug old immobiliser & plug in this replacement. Due to memory limitations of the Meta M99 alarm ECU this replacement immobiliser will not operate with the existing M99, this will only work independently via its own supplied touchkeys (2 supplied). If required to function with the M99, the M99 will also have to be replaced, we also offer complete M99/M36 exchange kits which can be viewed here

The early plug type is not available (two rows of six pins), please check the type of plug fitted to your TVR before ordering - see photo above (two row plug fitted from approx 1996 to 1997, the later three row plug was fitted from 1998-onwards - as supplied with the kit) Please choose the correct version of the plug supplied with the immobiliser fitted to your TVR.

Complete with two touchkeys & replacement touchkey socket

Award winning multi-circuit immobiliser and firm favourite with installers, journalists and motorists alike. Renowned for its ease of use, reliability and invincibility against car thiefs.

  • Twin circuit immobiliser
  • Passive arming
  • Touch key operation
  • Rolling code operation
  • Failsafe immobilisation
  • Vibration and water resistant
  • Diagnostic flashing LED
  • Resin bonded construction
  • Covert black coded wiring
  • Low current consumption
  • Upgradeable to a Thatcham Category 1 system



The car fails to start when the engine is hot (TVR Hot Start Problem)


The problem; Relay 1 (circuit 1) of the M36T2 immobiliser can handle a maximum of 10 Amps, relay 2 (circuit 2) can handle 25 Amps. TVR have wired these circuits the wrong way around, the TVR fuel pump circuit goes through the higher rated relay 2, while relay 1 (rated 10A) has to handle the starter circuit. Even though the two relays are wired the wrong way around the vehicle will function perfectly, as testified by many M36 immobilisers still functioning without fault for many years. Problems arise when the starter solenoid begins to wear, in so doing it can require more & more power to function, when the current flow to the starter gets to the 10 Amp limit of relay(1) problems start, this gets exasperated when the engine is hot which in turn makes the solenoid hot which in turn requires even more power & the vehicle fails to start, commonly known as the hot start problem. This demand for power will eventually burn out the smaller relay. Adding an extra 'hot start' relay to this circuit is not a permanent fix, this circuit will just demand more power which could eventually burn out the ignition switch or associated wiring to eventually the failure of the starter/solenoid itself. Before this happens we recommend to have the starter motor inspected & have it repaired or replaced if faulty.  Due to the starter solenoid being mounted close to the exhaust manifold many TVR specialists recommend fitting a heat shield between the two, this will help keep the solenoid from over heating.

All replacement TVR adapted M36T2 immobilisers will now be sent out with the immobiliser circuits switched to match the TVR wiring, this will now match the 25 amp rated relay to the starter circuit of the TVR, this should cut down on the hot start issue



Supplied with a blank Thatcham Approval Certificate


Product Code: Meta M36T2 TVR


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