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TVR EVO Replacement Kits For M99T2


Manufacturer: Meta

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Product Information

Plug & play replacement alarm kit for the TVR range of vehicles complete with a optional remote boot release option (Boot option for vehicles with the electric boot release button fitted to the dash) For most TVR's manufactured from the middle of 1999 onwards (For Vehicle made up till the middle of 1999 see the M99T version - click here), please check which alarm is fitted before ordering, we also need to know the pin layout of the M36 immobiliser plug fitted to the vehicle.

This kit is based on the latest HPA EVO technology which includes very high security encrypted remote fobs. The EVO unit has a tilt sensor built in (optional).

For vehicles with the boot release function simply connect a single wire to the boot release switch. Allows the opening of the boot without having to get into the car switch on the ignition, this all can be done with a single press of the remote fob, simple one wire connection to the boot release switch. (Boot release option only available with at least one M2503 fob)

Simple plug & play swap over of the M99 alarm with the replacement HPA unit & plug & play swap over of the siren. This kit consists of the HPAT alarm ECU & M36T2 immobiliser both fitted with suitable connections for an easy plug & play swap over,

All kits include: Prewired HPA Evo Alarm Unit, Two fobs (Kit Dependant), Pre-wired M36T2 Immobiliser, Two Touch-keys, Spare Touch-key Socket, M05 Digital Battery Backed Up Siren, All Necessary Fittings & Accessories. Complete With Easy to Follow Fitting Instructions

Kit 1 - Two HPA TX Fobs, No Boot Release
Kit 2 - One HPA TX & One M252 Fitted With A Key Of Your Choice, No Boot Release
Kit 3 - Two M252 fobs Fitted With Two Keys Of Your Choice, No Boot Release
Kit 4 - One HPA & One M2503 Fobs, Boot Release Enabled
Kit 5 - Two M2503 Fobs, Boot Release Enabled
Kit 6 - One M2503 One M252 Fitted With A Key Of Your Choice, Boot Release Enabled
Unfortunately the new Evo system cannot be programmed with the old style Meta fobs including the M300 as used by TVR
           For More Kit Information See The Images On This Page

Confused! Contact The Office On 0208 677 1999

Product Code: EVO TVR M99T2


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