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Yamaha VX920R Bobber

FOR SALE - £4250

Selling some off my collection as the garage is full to bursting 

The bike started life as a 1982 Yamaha XV920 (Not a Virago) which has been converted into a much prettier (in my opinion) Bobber styled vehicle. The modifications to the bike are purely cosmetic, this rides and handles exactly the same way as a standard XV920 (which is very good by the way). The heavy rear end (seat, subframe & ancillaries) have been removed & replaced with a hand made single seat frame (made in Holland), the two into one exhaust was replaced at great expense from an item from the USA. The adjustable air suspension has been retained allowing the adjustment for comfort or handling preferences. All the tinware was resprayed in metallic British Racing Green to a very high standard, it really needs to be seen in the flesh to see the depth & quality of the paint. The V twin engine is superb giving good low down grunt with quite a useful top end power & makes a great sound from the 2-1 exhaust, you could ride around all day in top gear if that's your thing.  It's a lovely bike gets lots of looks from fellow bikers, will look the part parked in or around the Bikeshed in central London. Since these photos were taken the numberplate has been moved to the rear of the mudguard, though it can be easily converted back to a side fitting.

Can be viewed in Streatham South London. 

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