Alfa GTV

Please note we are unable to re-code ignition keys to the ECU, we only offer a re-code service for the Meta alarm system fitted to these vehicles Alfa Romeo GTV

Locating Meta M99 Alarm ECU for re-coding

If the code card is lost or you do not have a working remote we can now re-code the M99T or M99T2 alarms which were fitted as standard to many UK supplied GTV's manufactured from 1998 till around 2002. Either version of the Meta M99 can be fitted to the GTV depending on year of manufacturer.

If alarm siren looks like the one in the photo below the vehicle is not fitted with a Meta alarm, spare parts for this item are not available, a new alarm system will have to be fitted.

To check whether your vehicle has the Meta System alarm fitted, look under the bonnet for the siren which should be located under a plastic cover on the front left side (facing the front of the car), undo the four screws & remove the cover the siren can now be seen mounted as shown in the photo below. If the siren is the M11 unit the vehicle is fitted with the M99T alarm , if the siren is the SC1T2 the alarm is the M99T2 both of which we can re-code

To locate the alarm brain: On the drivers side locate and remove a small screw in the carpet cover of the centre console, remove the cover, and you should see the M99 alarm brain located somewhere under the stereo unit, pull out the alarm (sometimes it may be easier to do this from the passenger side - same method of removing the carpet cover) remove the plugs and send it to me at the address below. Without the alarm the car will still start and run as normal. Once reprogrammed simply plug the alarm in which will start working immediately.

We can reprogram both M99 versions with two new round remotes plus a new codecard for programing more remotes in the future & complete with a M99 user guide. The cost is £99, this includes next day delivery back to you before 1PM.

Send the alarm brain to:

  • Abacus Car Alarms
  • 206 Leigham Court Road
  • London
  • SW16 2RB

Don't forget to include your details including your phone number.

Once coded with two new fobs the alarm will be checked on our test bench, once the alarm is tested ok we will contact you for payment. If paying by cheque there will be a minimum delay of six days for it to clear before unit is sent back to you.

For a fast turnaround please send via next day Special Delivery (a reprogramed alarm by us is usually returned within 2 working days - weekends will take longer)

For more information call 0208 677 1999

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